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About MarkaDM

We are a creative digital marketing and design agency, established over 5 years, we have helped a wide range of clients to solve their business challenges. We are dedicated to building brands and impacting digital media, with strategies that will grow and enhance your business. At Marka we offer a wide variety of services including web design, branding, high impact digital marketing, SEO / SEM strategies.

Our Skills


-Build functional and easy-to-use websites
-Test websites across browsers, operating systems and devices
-Maintain, configure and troubleshoot servers
-Ensure site security by setting up firewalls and login pages
-Optimize loading speeds and capacity
-Debug pages and fix broken links or images
-Update website content and review SEO
Monitor and analyze site performance (e.g traffic, conversions)

Community Manager

-Advocating brand identity and community culture
-Building and maintaining an online presence
-Facilitating communication between the brand and the community
-Monitoring activity across multiple social channels
-Interacting with social media posts
-Building brand awareness
-Analysing long-term performance metrics

Grafic Design

-Study design briefs and determine requirements
-Conceptualize visuals based on requirements
-Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
-Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic
-Test graphics across various media
-Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand


-Writing clear and error-free content for a website that reflects the company’s voice
-Understand message , brand voice and target audience
-Proposing copy concepts in an engaging way for clients and carrying out projects once they are approved
-Interpreting creative direction and technical information and turning them into persuasive copy concepts

Team Marka

Behind every service you hire there is a team of professionals working well coordinated to give you the best

Mary Quintero
CEO & Founder - Webmaster
Ligia Castillo
Kharym Zapata
Digital Marketing
Federico Sanchez
Web Development
Edwin Yael

About Us

We provide quality service, we always exceed the proposed objectives. We are specialists in health area where the preservation of discretion, confidentiality and adequate treatment of information is our greatest distinction.

However, we have developed projects and we are in the ability to provide solutions for any other sector such as: tourism, gastronomic, industrial, commerce in general.

We generate a high commitment to your brand, leading a positive message through content and design

We innovate for the success of our clients
We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.

Each Project we take on is a new challenge for us. As a digital agency we study your identity from scratch and look for the best strategies for your brand to connect and impact with the final consumer.

At Marka we simply love what we do, we know exactly what it takes for your business or companies to succeed in the digital world, we are happy to put our knowledge to work for you. Your achievements are our successes, we work based on results and success stories.

We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.
We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.

The Projects Hightlights

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