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Global Insurance is a company of insurance consultants, destined to help the Hispanic community of Dallas, Texas. It offers you a range of products for your peace of mind, such as Health Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Life Insurance and Complementary Insurance.
Global Insurance was in a search for a new identity and strategy to become known in the digital world, they needed to create a brand that connects with the consumer and a business website, so that visitors obtained all the possible information, in order to convey confidence and security.


Starting from this situation, Marka carried out a study in the Texas market, then listening carefully to the needs and aspirations we were able to build a modern identity with logo variation, to give flexibility to the identity in the different media, we defined a range of cold colors, in order to generate a positive feeling and trust on the part of the end consumer.
After defining the brand, we made a graphic line for your social networks according to the identity of the brand for both Facebook and Instagram, as well as web design.

A modern, friendly and functional website was designed so that users can live a pleasant experience when browsing it, in order to convey confidence and security.

For this project, we developed a website that prioritizes the user’s needs: identify their problems and build the solution they need.
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